Crocheted stories from Owl Country

Slightly different crafting books for all ages

Since 2015, I've published four funny children's books with Persimplex Verlag. In time for Christmas in german and english.

The unique thing about my books is that it's a combination of children's and manual workbooks. My motto is:


For those who do not just want to read along, but also want to create the heroes themselves

The story begins with two owl children Eulinchen and Eulino. They are brother and sister and experience together all sorts of funny things. In the following adventures they get to know Horsti, the eagle boy, and his little sister, Polli, and last but not least, Fibsi the little duck.

With them, you dive into the colorful owl world and take part of their lives. Every story always has a little lesson, subtly hidden and without blame. Richly and lovingly illustrated, the books take large and small readers on a journey through the Owl Land.

And what do children want more than to immediately bring the title heroes to life in order to start playing? There are detailed crochet tutorials at the end of each book. Easy to understand even for beginners, they show how easy it is to produce funny poultry of different colors and types of wool in different shapes and sizes - and all this in front of the curious eyes of the children or even by the little readers themselves.

With best regards from Frankfurt (Oder)

Your Eulenpäbstin®

My Books

Owlie & Owlino
Horsty, The Little Eagle Kid
Christmas in Owl Land
Easter in Owl Land