About Me

Hello, my dears!

I am Eulenpäbstin®, and I am not your typical author.

While thinking about the following question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" I knew there had to be an answer but it wasn't easy to figure it out:

Well, I was born in the sixties, after the waves of life have smoothed and I'm now in calmer waters, my hobbies were rediscovered.

My favorite is crocheting funny animals; it's the best way for me to relax. As they take shape as time goes by, they are joined by the stories in which they are the title heroes. But also, a funny story is established in my head and I think about which animals fit in this story.


The best thing for me is to imagine how parents read to their children or grandchildren from my books and at the same time they witness how parents knit their favorite character out of a small ball of wool.

I would like to pass on the idea to you to try and do the same. Because in this fast-paced, stressing world, it is more important than ever to discover the right kind of relaxation for each of us.

Many of you learned crocheting or knitting at school and put your creations in a drawer. Just take them back out and go. Get your needles out, a wool rest and off you go! But be warned: I once read that crocheting is addictive - and I think the author is right about this.

All I can do now is to wish you a great time and lots of fun!

Yours truly, Eulenpäbstin®

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